If our mission of helping children, and families of children, facing long-term hospitalizations is something your community would like to support, please consider hosting an Esther's Friends fundraiser!

There are so many different ways to get your community involved, so get creative and chose the option that aligns with your community's interest. From bake sales, sporting events, local business promotions, food stands, car washes, in-kind donation drives, walks to races - there is something for everyone!

Once you pick your fundraising idea, please reach out to We will help you spread the word using social media and your own creative version of our hashtags.

If you would prefer to create a peer-to-peer fundraiser in honor of a special event - or just because! - you can create your own Facebook or GoFundMe fundraiser directly from our pages using the links below:

Thank you for all you do for Esther! With your support we will continue to help those with the most need, making all those who benefit, one of Esther's friends!